Kamal Hossain said, “An effective democracy must be established. People’s representatives will form parliament and they will govern the country. People want us to save the country. A bright future is awaiting us.”

Citing that people have been increasing production amid various challenges, the eminent jurist said this capacity of production has to be utilised.

“We are victims of misrule and autocracy. We have to become free from it. This government has to be ousted through the movement. They have laundered and stolen enough money of the people,” he added.

Citing that there is no necessity of movement of torching and burning, Kamal Hossain said, "We have to launch a movement of unity and nation building. We have to build a unity of people instead of launching a party movement."

Besides, Kamal Hossain, in a written statement, said since the fall of HM Ershad’s regime, Awami League and BNP formed the governments but they have involved in a competition of politicisation at all levels of the state.

Criticising the incumbent government, he said the Awami League has formed the government by snatching ballot, and curbed freedom of press and the civil society by enacting the Digital Security Act.

Torture and human rights violation by the law enforcement agencies have become regular phenomenon in Bangladesh. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman didn’t dream of such Bangladesh.

"The Awami League founded by Bangabandhu is now in power. So, why is it happening? Where is the lacking of the sate?," Kamal Hossain asked.

Calling upon for timely amendment to the constitution, he said elected lawmakers would be accountable directly to the people of their respective constituencies. Articles 70 and 48 (3) of the constitution have to be amended. One person cannot be the prime minister for more than twice.

Kamal Hossain said ombudsman must be appointed. President, prime minister, ombudsman and ministers would not join political activities.

Separate commission has to be constituted for recruiting in the important positions of the state. National Broadcast Policy and independent judiciary has to be made effective, he added.

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