Coming down heavily on BNP leaders for their comments on coronavirus situation, information minister Hasan Mahmud today said the death rate of coronavirus disease is much less than that of the neighboring countries, the European states and the USA due to correct measures taken by prime minister Sheikh Hasina to stem this highly infectious disease.

“The country is seeing much less death rate in coronavirus disease compared to other countries and even neighouring states due to proper, time-befitting and required steps of the government under the supervision of prime minister Sheikh Hasina,” he said.

He said 1.48 per cent people died among total identified patients in Bangladesh while 3.2 per cent died in India among the total identified patients of coronavirus, 2.14 per cent died in Pakistan, 5.96 per cent died in America, 14.36 per cent died in the UK, 10 per cent died in Spain and 14.11 per cent died in Italy among the total affected patients.

The information minister made the remarks at a press briefing at his official residence in city’s Minto Road.

Hasan said the data shows that the death rate in coronavirus outbreak is much less than other countries due to the pragmatic steps of the government.


He urged the BNP leaders to look at the prevailing situation in Europe, the USA and even in neighbouring India and Pakistan before making any remark about the state of coronavirus pandemic in Bangladesh.

Only then they(BNP) can realize the situation prevailing in Bangladesh, he said.

He went on saying that BNP leaders are criticising the government works to serve their ulterior motive.

“Actually their (BNP) main motive is to impede the good works of the government,” said Hasan, also Awami League Joint general secretary.

The whole world and even the World Health Organization, the World Economic Forum, and prestigious magazines like Forbes and The Economist applauded the bold leadership of prime minister Sheikh Hasina in tackling the coronavirus crisis, Hasan said.

Replying to a query about the treatment services of country’s private hospitals, the information minister regretted that the private hospitals are reluctant to come forward for providing healthcare to coronavirus affected patients what they are supposed to do.

Many private hospitals have been closed down by the owners themselves, he said, adding the hospitals are out to push the helpless patients to other hospitals.

He said such behaviour of those private hospitals is simply inhuman as a hospital is in principle set up for providing health services to patients.

He termed it abnormal that a 200-bed private hospital demanded Taka 170 million per month, besides demanding money for food and accommodation for doctors and nurses.

The information minister hoped that all private hospitals will come forward to serve people during the coronavirus pandemic.

Replying to another query about rumors and contents of some research groups posted on different social media on coronavirus, Hasan said people can find existence of some research organisations during any disaster or when people fall in crisis. Actually, they create only fictitious reports without carrying out any research, he added.

He said these groups resort to such acts only to criticize the governmentand to give handle of criticism to the opposition.

Such fictitious reports tantamount to spreading rumors, he said, hopingthese groups will stop spreading rumors.

Earlier, the minister handed over one hundred PPE to the leaders of Dhaka Union of Journalists.