“The foreign minister said this while talking to the media but did not discuss it during the official talks,” said Hasan.

“The Foreign Minister might have said that in the context of BNP going to the foreigners every time for everything. It’s not the opinion of the government or of the ruling party,” he added.

BNP is afraid of joining polls and that’s why they have rejected the Union Parishad elections as well as parliamentary voting, he said.

The Information Minister further said “the train of election” never waits for anybody as it did not in 2014.

In 2018, BNP was in a dilemma about boarding the train but later participated in the election at the last moment, he added.

To continue with democracy, elections will be held on time no matter who participates or not.

“It is not our duty to remove BNP’s fear. Hopefully they will join the election overcoming their fear,” Hasan said.