We must break the hand that is raised against us: PM Hasina

Prime minister Sheikh Hasina
File photo

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has asked the leaders and activists of ruling Awami League to remain vigilant.

Indicating BNP (Bangladesh Nationalist Party), the prime minister has said, “We are being beaten up since 1975. We can’t any more of this. The hands that would be raised against us have to be broken.”

Sheikh Hasina was addressing a meeting with the party’s central committee, top leaders of the city and associate bodies virtually from her official residence, Ganabhaban, on Thursday.

Journalists also were present in the meeting that was convened over the emerging situation.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said, “BNP’s acting chairperson Tarique Rahman is convicted. We’ll contact the British government to bring him back to the country. I’ll bring Tarique Rahman back and implement his punishment.”

She further said, “BRTC bus has been set on fire. From now on the person who would come to set fire to bus has to be caught and his hands have to be burnt. BNP-Razakars (collaborators of Pakistani army during the liberation war in 1971) won’t be allowed to come to power anymore. BNP could come to power in 2001by signing a note to sell gas. They are thinking that they could come to power now as well. But that won’t be so easy now. We know what would happen where. We won’t let them do whatever they like with the country.”

Indicating the owners of media, the prime minister said, “Many are flattering BNP. Why this flattering? I’ll see how much they can flatter.”