Why is AL so concerned about Khaleda's involvement in politics, Fakhrul asks

Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir
Prothom Alo

BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir has said the ruling Awami League has started a drama over BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia's involvement in politics.

Terming the move of the ruling party evil, the BNP leader said Khaleda Zia will do politics wherever she stays as she is the most popular leader in the country.

Mirza Fakhrul made the remarks at a discussion at the National Press Club in the capital on Monday.

The discussion was organised to mark the 43rd anniversary of Jatiyatabadi Tanti Dal.

Speaking as the chief guest at the discussion, Mirza Fakhrul said Khaleda Zia has been kept under the house arrest. She is very ill. She will go to the hospital for health check-up today, Monday.

AL ministers have staged a drama about her. Some ministers said she will not be able to do politics while others said there is no bar for her to do politics, the BNP leader added.

About the AL ministers' statements over Khaleda Zia's politics, Mirza Fakhrul said, "Why are they showing so much concern in this regard? The motive is not good at all. They want to confuse the people. They want to take the attention of the people to the different direction. We have only one focus --we want the restoration of voting rights."

The BNP secretary general said Khaleda Zia will do politics when time will come.

Awami League need not talk over the matter, he said adding Khaleda Zia will take decision herself and the party.

Mirza Fakhrul called upon the government to release Khaleda Zia unconditionally.

About becoming members of parliament without any vote in the 10th parliament, he said as many as 154 were declared MP uncontested and Jatiya Party joined Awami League.

Fakhrul said many leftist leaders, who talk big, participated in the election with Awami League, shared power. Now they are facing problems as they were not made cabinet members.

The leftist leaders are worse than Awami League and their work is to allure. They work against the people. Why don't they talk that there is no democracy in the country?

Mirza Fakhrul called upon the Tanti Dal to launch movement for their problems.

Tantis, farmers and workers are in hardship as the prices of essentials have increased.

He also said the price of broiler kitchen has increased from Tk 60 to Tk 80 per kg.