Bangladesh to be devoured by another country: Mirza Abbas

BNP standing committee member Mirza Abbas addresses an iftar programme at Eskaton Ladies Club in Dhaka on 20 March, 2024Collected

“One after another smaller countries were devoured or on the way to be devoured by a certain country. Bangladesh is marching towards that,” remarked Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) standing committee member Mirza Abbas on Wednesday.

While addressing an iftar programme, he asked the party leaders and activists to consider why the government foiled BNP’s mass rally on 28 October last year.

Doctors Association of Bangladesh (DAB), a pro-BNP platform of physicians, organised the iftar at Ladies Club in Eskaton, Dhaka.

BNP acting chairman Tarique Rahman addressed the event virtually as the chief guest.

“The incident that took place on 28 October, we have to think, what this incident did to us. We have to think, what did we do and why did the government do that? We liberated this country in 1971 from the grip of another country. We had a well-thought plan that this country will have independence and sovereignty, there will be the right to expression and voting rights. But we have got nothing. We must keep in mind that there are some objectives of some people or the country,” Mirza Abbas said.

He further said, “If we study the history of India, Bangladesh, and Indo-Pakistan; one after another smaller countries were devoured or being devoured by a certain country. Today, Bangladesh is moving towards that direction.”

The BNP leader, who recently came out of jail, warned that this would not be possible in case of Bangladesh. “We have seen in 1971 what the people of Bangladesh could do. The people of this country will once again demonstrate their capabilities when they get a scope.”

DAB president Harun Al Rashid presided over the iftar programme where top leaders of the party attended.