Ruling quarters get more ferocious: Fakhrul

Mirza Fakhrul Islam AlamgirFile photo

The ruling party, Awami League, is getting more ferocious after grabbing the state power for another term through a dummy election, says Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir. 

The BNP secretary general made the statement while expressing concerns over the imprisonment of his party’s Narayanganj district unit president, Gias Uddin.  

A court sent the BNP leader to jail on Thursday, for his involvement in a sabotage case at Araihazar upazila in Narayanganj. 

In his statement, Mirza Fakhrul Islam said the BNP, other pro-democracy parties and dissenters are facing brutal torture under the current government. The ruling party is trying to maintain its illegal grip on the state power through lies, intimidation and various tricks. 

He described the Awami League as an occupying force and alleged that they established a government similar to Baksal, by imprisoning the opposition leaders and activists in false and fabricated cases.

The statement demanded withdrawal of the false case against Gias Uddin and his unconditional release.