Khaleda Zia hospitalised after suddenly falling ill

Khaleda Zia
File photo

Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) chairperson has been admitted to hospital in the wee hours after falling ill suddenly last night.

Khaleda Zia was rushed to the Evercare Hospital at around 4:20am, BNP chairperson’s press wing member Shairul Kabir Khan informed Prothom Alo at around 4:45am.

Quoting Khaleda Zia’s personal physician AZM Zahid Hossain,  Shairul Kabir Khan said as the BNP leader fell ill suddenly, she was taken to Evercare Hospital on emergency basis. She has been admitted to hospital.

Earlier on 2 July, the BNP chairperson was taken home after 10 days in hospital. A pacemaker was implanted on her on 25 June.

The 79-year-old Khaleda Zia is suffering from arthritis and various complications of the heart, lungs, liver and kidney as well as diabetes.