As in 2014 and 2018, Awami League wants to stage a farce of an election this time too, said leaders of Ganatantra Mancha. They said, if that happens, the country will fall into dire straits in the international political arena and face all sorts of crises.

The Ganatantra Mancha leaders were speaking at a rally organised Sunday afternoon in front of the National Press Club, in support of the hartal (general strike).

The Ganatantra Mancha leaders said, this government is gambling with the people and the existence of the country simply to cling on to power.

Before the rally, they marched in a procession around the Press Club, Purana Paltan, Bijoy Nagar and Segun Bagicha. After the procession, they held a brief rally in front of the press club.

Chief coordinator of Gonosanghati Samity, Zonayed Saki, said Awami League wants to score goals on its own, without any opponent. Presiding over the rally, Zonayed Saki said, if another one-sided election is held, not only will there be an economic crisis, but the country will be in dire diplomatic straits in the international arena too. The country will face all sorts of crises. This government is gambling with the people and the very existence of the country just to cling on to power.

General secretary of Biplobi Workers Party, Saiful Huq, called for the election schedule to be suspended, for all opposition party leaders and activists to be released unconditionally, for the thousands of cases filed for harassment to be withdrawn and for a democratic environment to be created.

He called for the political crisis to be resolved politically. He said that if the government on principle to a decision on how an election time government would be formed after it resigned, then the opposition parties would sit for talks.

Saiful Huq claimed that the people were united and organised this time. He said, “The people in no way will allow another farce in the name of elections as in 2014 and 2018. There is still time. Hold dialogue, take a decision. If you take a straight path, there can be a peaceful resolution and scope for you to exit.”

Also speaking at the event conducted by member of Gonosanghati Andolan’s political council, Munir Uddin, were Bhasani Onushari Parishad’s convener, Sheikh Rafiqul Islam, Nagorik Oikya’s general secretary Shahidullah Kaiser and others.

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