Two hours after appearing on Facebook Live and complaining about being assaulted by police, Abdul Quader Mirza went live on Facebook again, this time threatening to take a life in exchange of a life.

Abdul Quader Mirza, younger brother of bridges minister Obaidul Quader and mayor of Basurhat pourashava in Companyganj, Noakhali, appeared on the Facebook Live account of his follower Swapan Mahmud at 2:00pm Tuesday, and made this threat. A total of 26 persons, including Quader Mirza, were tagged to the live message.

Bringing about allegations on Facebook Live, Quader Mirza said, “The Noakhali superintendent of police (SP), the corrupt additional SP Shamim, the corrupt officer-in-charge (OC) of Companyganj – all three of them have arrested Sirajpur union Awami League general secretary Nazim Uddin Mikon and tortured him. I just heard that the three of them have decided to place him in crossfire.”

Quader Mirza said, “Such incidents have never taken place in Companyganj. We have never let such things happen. But today ‘Rahaissya’ (Quader Mirza’s nephew Fakhrul Islam alias Rahat) has paid the police station to take the decision about crossfire. There will be dire consequences. If I have even a single drop of blood left in my body, I will reply to this from my 47 years of experience in politics. I know very well how to reply to this. A life in exchange of a life. They will not get away with this.”


Criticising the police, Abdul Quader Mirza said, “I have been in politics for 47 years now. No police dared to look me in the eye and talk, let alone raising a hand against me. Each and every police officer respected me. Even those with whom I clashed, never raised their eyes when talking to me. I was in the opposition and even then they respected me, honoured me.”

Swearing at two police officials, Quader Mirza said, “…today raise their hands against me. They abuse me, they use abusive language about my mother. They’ll place my boys in crossfire. No way will they get away with a bloodbath in Companyganj.”

Addressing the police, Quader Mirza said, “You sit together with thieves and robbers in the police station? You conspire with bank looters, with those who misappropriate people’s money, who wield firearms, you draft their cases and submit these? How does ‘Badailya’ (Mizanur Rahman Badal), who killed journalist Muzakkir and CNG autorickshaw driver Alauddin, go to the police station? How does he roam around freely?”

The younger brother of the road transport and bridges minister went on to say, “I appealed to the honourable prime minister, but she took no steps. This cannot be allowed to continue. No way can anyone be allowed to get away with this, whether they are the police or anyone, an MP, a minister’s wife or secretary. If anyone touches my child, no one’s child will be spared, I say this in no uncertain terms.”

In his first Facebook Live message of the day, Quader Mirza had alleged that at 11:00am on Tuesday he had gone to the Companyganj police station to see seven of his activists, including his follower, candidate for the post of Sirajpur union chairman, Nazim Uddin alias Mikon.

ASP Shamim misbehaved with him there, assaulted him and abused him in filthy language, Quader Mirza said.

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