BNP vows to resist election under AL-govt

The BNP rally saw a huge turnout of leaders and activists.Sajid Hossain

The Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) has vowed to resist any elections under the current Awami League government, even if it requires shedding blood.

There will be an election only after the resignation of prime minister Sheikh Hasina, the BNP leaders said at a rally in the capital’s Naya Paltan area on Wednesday.

The rally was called in demand for the resignation of the current government. 

Addressing the programme, Abdus Salam, convener of the BNP's Dhaka south city unit, said, “We are prepared to go to any lengths, even shedding blood, to prevent this election.” 

The people no longer want the Awami League in power and this is why their rally could not gather a good number of participants, he claimed.

However, the reality does not favour his claim fully as the Awami League rally, which was taking place simultaneously on the south road of the national mosque, saw a considerable turnout.

BNP leader Abdus Salam further said, “Sheikh Hasina has turned a deaf ear to our calls for the past 14-15 years. Hence, she does not need to speak now.”

He warned the government officials who are still favouring the ruling party and urged them to discharge their duties as per law.  

BNP vice-chairman Zainul Abedin also stood firm against any elections under the current government. He said, “An election will only be held if the prime minister resigns. Prime minister, you must step down.”

Barkat Ullah Bulu, another vice chairman of BNP, echoed the remarks and said the huge turnout at the BNP rally proved that the departure of the Awami League government is imminent. 

He alleged that some 17 leaders and activists had lost their lives since the commencement of BNP's ongoing anti-regime movement. He vowed to hold the responsible Awami League leaders on trial for their deaths. 

BNP leaders and activists thronged the Naya Paltan area since early morning. The venue was filled to the brim by 12:00 pm.