Govt turns extremely reckless realising its fall: Mirza Fakhrul

Mirza Fakhrul Islam
File photo

BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir on Tuesday said police suddenly attacked the BNP leaders and activists at Dhanmondi of Dhaka that left what they claimed many of their activists injured.  

The leader said before the attack was carried out in Dhaka on Tuesday, their rallies came under attacks in different districts of the country, including Khulna, Patuakhali, Netrokona, Feni. The authoritarian government is launching such shameful attacks using their law enforcement agencies to cover their misrule.     

Mirza Fakhrul Islam came up with this reaction in a statement following the clashes between police and BNP men in the capital’s Dhanmondi on Tuesday evening. In the statement, it is said many of the BNP leaders were wounded as police fired tear gas shells and charged batons on their road march with more than 25 were detained.  

Saying Awami-League (AL) government has snatched the rights of opposition parties, including BNP, to conduct political activities smoothly, Mirza Fakhrul said the repression the law enforcement agencies accompanied by the government-backed hoodlums are carrying out on BNP and its associate bodies' leaders and activists in different districts is unprecedented. Many leaders and activists have been arrested, implicating in the false cases, across the country.   

The secretary general said such barbaric activities by the law enforcement agencies, administration and party cadres are not possible without the unwavering support of the ruling party. The fascist government has now turned extremely reckless, realising its fall. 

In the release, Fakhrul bitterly condemned the police attack on the BNP rally and demanded the unconditional release of the arrested leaders and activists immediately.