The Gonoforum chief said they are placing the demand for a polls-time impartial government to bring the issue to the limelight afresh. "We'll work out our action programmes to realise it in the days to come."

As his attention was drawn to the constitution that has no provision for impartial government, he said it can be included in the constitution in the face of people's demand.

Replying to a question, Dr Kamal said a crisis will be created and a strong movement will be waged if the government does not accept their demand.

Reviving Oikyafront Dr Kamal said though Jatiya Oikyafront -- formed before the 2018 national election -- has become an inactive platform, it still has the potential to rejuvenate.

"In that sense, now Oikyafront doesn't have any existence, but there's a scope to revive it, extend it, or to get united afresh," he said. The Gonoforum president said they will sit for discussions on reviving the Oikyafront and take a decision on it later.

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