Road transport and bridge minister Obaidul Quader's younger brother Abdul Quader Mirza has continued 'speaking the truth' (Satya Bachan).

Reiterating his stance he said, “It is a crime if I say so. They have threatened me to shoot. But I am not afraid of all this. I am not afraid of Obaidul Quader either. Even if I am expelled from the party, I will not leave the political ideology of Bangabandhu."

Abdul Quader Mirza said this at an election rally in Jamairtek of the Basurhat municipality Tuesday afternoon.

From last Thursday, his speeches at different meetings have suddenly started widespread discussions in the political circles of the country.

He demanded for a fair election and a constituting a proper district committee of Awami League in his speeches. He also became vocal on corruptions and irregularities at different levels of the party. On Sunday, Quader Mirza blockaded the Zero Point area of ​​Basurhat with his supporters on this.

Mirza's supporters demonstrated with brooms in hands and by setting fire to the tires.

He claims, after recovering from illness, he swore to tell the truth always. He is the Awami League candidate in the Basurhat municipality election to be held on 18 January.


Quader Mirza addressed a women's rally in Ward No. 5 of Basurhat Municipality Tuesday morning and an election rally in Jamairtek in the afternoon.

Pointing finger to prime minister Sheikh Hasina, he said, "You (Sheikh Hasina) have declared zero tolerance on drug trafficking. But members of your party and the concerned authority did not make it effective. You declared that the people who are affiliated with drugs and women scandals will not be able to represent the party at any level."

Criticizing an upazila chairman Quader Mirza said, “When this upazila chairman was in power, gambling and prostitution were regular in his house. He has occupied thousands of acres of land in Char Balua by illegal means and is involved in drug trafficking. He got the big tenders of Companyganj through the leaders of Noakhali."

"There is another one, my nephew Rahat, though not by blood. He has built buildings grabbing the government land. I along with the army went to break this illegal establishment. He threatened me as he had a weapon."

He said, “'When I talk about the malpractices in politics of Noakhali and Feni, and Sandwip MP, who has grabbed thousands of acres of land in my area, when I speak of irregularities in administration, when I speak out against vote robbery, the conspiracy against me starts. Today, the conspiracy against me has started from the national level.”

In his recent speeches, Quader Mirza has talked about the recruitment-business in his district, tender business and the district committee of Awami League.

He said, “The district committee of Awami League was formed excluding the tested and selfless leaders of the party. Zabed Minhaj Ahmed Zabed), the brother of former army chief Moeen U Ahmed and Manik (Ataur Rahman Bhuiyan, chairman of Toma Group) of Hawa Bhaban are the proof of this. They were never with the Awami League in the past. They have been made leaders by means of illegal transactions.”

In this regard Atatur Rahman Bhuiyan said to Prothom Alo, “Whatever he said is completely his personal opinion. I have been the vice-president of Noakhali district Awami League for five years, which is approved by prime minister Sheikh Hasina. I do not even know the location of Hawa Bhaban. I was never involved in BNP’s politics.”

Former army chief’s brother Minhaz Ahmed Zabed said, “Even though I was not involved in active politics in my student life, I cherished the ideals of Bangabandhu from my childhood. Later, I became active in party activities. My activities have made me eligible for the post I hold in the eyes of the members and the leaders of the party, but I did not do any lobbying."


Press release

Meanwhile, a 'press release' signed by Quader Mirza was provided to the media Tuesday afternoon. In a one-page press release, he highlighted the success of the Awami League government. In the end, he said, some media outlets have distorted his recent statements to create confusion. He is only talking about the regional politics of Noakhali.

In the meantime, regarding the statement of younger brother Abdul Quader Mirza, Awami League general secretary Obaidul Quader said, "No one is essential in the party except the party president Bangabandhu's daughter prime minister Sheikh Hasina. There is no chance of giving any kind of privilege under any circumstances to anybody. The party president can take any decision on charges of breaching the party discipline.

The Awami League general secretary made these remarks in reply to the journalists at a function held at Bangabandhu Avenue on the occasion of the silk anniversary of the government led by prime minister Sheikh Hasina.