The public rally organised by the Khulna city and district BNP is being held at the Sonali Bank Chattar in the city.

Although the situation has been normal since the morning, tension has been escalating as time passes.

Leaders and activists of ruling Awami League and Jubo League have taken positions at different intersections in the city. They even staged armed showdowns at some places.

BNP activists were allegedly beaten up by the supporters of the ruling party men at that time.

Meanwhile, a clash broke out between the police and the activists of BNP in the city’s railway station area at around 12.00pm.

The railway station was vandalised during the clash. It has been learnt that the clash erupted as the leaders and activists of BNP coming for the public rally were obstructed from entering the city.

According to eyewitnesses, leaders and activists of BNP from different areas thronged the railway station premises at around 12.00pm. At the time, police tried to move them away from there leading to heated altercation.

At one point, police beat up the BNP activists there. BNP leaders and activists also started hurling brickbats at the police and damaged doors and windows of the station. The situation was brought under control some 30 minutes later.

Khulna railway station master Manik Chandra Sarker claimed, “Those people (BNP activists) locked into clashes over an altercation between their own members. At one point, they started vandalising the station. They got more agitated as we called the police. The situation calmed down later.

A number of police were seen deployed at the station at around 1.30pm. There were a lot of people on the platform. And the situation is almost normal. The railway workers were seen clearing the broken glasses.

Khulna Metropolitan Police’s (KMP) additional deputy commissioner Sonali Sen said, “No one has been obstructed on their way to the rally. We are tackling the situation with patience.”

Meanwhile, Awami League activists were seen taking stance on the roads with arms. The leaders and activists of the ruling party were seen sitting in front of the local Awami League office at the Boikali Bazar area. No vehicle is being allowed to pass through that point. They were seen hurling abuse at people who were trying to pass.

A group of Jubo League activists were seen taking position in the New Market area. Sometimes, they were chasing BNP leaders and activists on the Jashore road. Besides, various local units of Awami League and Jubo League brought out processions from different places of the city.