I won’t leave the field, no matter what: Zayeda Khatun

Jahangir Alam and his mother independent mayoral candidate in the upcoming Gazipur City Corporation election Zayeda Khatun at a press conference on 20 May, 2023
Prothom Alo

Independent mayoral candidate in the upcoming Gazipur City Corporation (GCC) elections Zayeda Khatun asked why is she being tormented and whether there will be any action this harassment.

“No matter what attacks there may be, I will not leave the ground. Azmat Ullah (ruling Awami League nominated mayoral candidate) is an old leader, I am just a newcomer. He is involved with party politics and I’m contesting alone. Why am I being harassed so much? Will there not be any justice for this haraassment?” she asked while addressing a press conference on Saturday.

The press conference was organised at her house in Chhoydana area in Gazipur at around 11:00 pm protesting the attack and vandalising of her convoy while electioneering in Purba Boubazar area in Tongi, Gazipur on Saturday afternoon.

Zayeda Khatun’s son Jahangir Alam, who is a former mayor of the city corporation, was also present at the press conference.

Speaking at the press conference Zayeda Khatun said, “How will I get my votes properly? Even at this moment I can understand that there won’t proper voting. Pray for me so that I can stay well until 25 May. I will be hoping for votes until 25 May.”

The independent GCC mayoral candidate also said, “Whenever I go to 57 wards, people want to vote for me. But they attack me whenever I go campaigning to Tongi. I was attacked every day that I went there. The attacks are carried out from two sides, and beat up my people. You have seen how my vehicles have been vandalised. The vehicles of journalists also have been vandalised. Attacks were carried out on people who were with us. They have sent the street children to attack us,” she alleged.

Zayeda Khatun further said, “Our people are not attacking Azmat Ullah. Today police escorted me to home following today’s (Saturday’s) attack.”

The mayoral candidate drew the attention of the government and the election commission (EC) for fair elections.

Speaking at the press conference Jahangir Alam said, “I strongly condemn this attack. I am the chief coordinator of candidate Zayeda Khatun. There is only three left for the election. The ACC (Anti-Corruption Commission) summoned me at that moment. What does this prove? I have sought time from the ACC.”