Police SP joins election campaign for ‘boat’ candidate

Garlanded Jasim Uddin, currently serving as the Deputy Commissioner (Development) at the Dhaka Metropolitan Police Headquarters, is seen in the electoral campaign of boat candidate in Feni-2 constituencyCollected

It has been alleged that a Superintendent of Police (SP), Jasim Uddin, has participated in the election campaign of Nizam Uddin Hazari, the current Member of Parliament and candidate for the boat symbol in the Feni-2 (Sadar) constituency.

A photograph circulating on social media appears to support this claim.

Jasim Uddin is currently serving as the Deputy Commissioner (Development) at the Dhaka Metropolitan Police Headquarters.

Participating in an election campaign as a public official is considered a violation of the code of conduct. However, the accused candidate, Nizam Uddin Hazari, asserts that the photo in question is two months old.

Witnesses and local sources reported that Nizam Uddin Hazari, the district Awami League general secretary and boat candidate, conducted a campaign visit to Jahanpur village in Ward No. 4 of

Sharshdi Union in Feni Sadar Upazila on 25 December.

During the campaign, police officer Jasim Uddin was observed wearing flower garlands, alongside other leaders and workers accompanying Nizam Hazari. Notably, Jasim Uddin’s house is located in Jahanpur village.

Witnesses recounted that Nizam Hazari removed the flower garland from his own neck and placed it on police official Jasim. Subsequently, Jasim actively participated in the campaign.

Alongside Jasim, his younger brother Zia Uddin, the UP Member of Ward no. 4, was also present.

Responding to inquiries, Zia Uddin stated Wednesday night that the picture was taken a year ago, and his brother, the police official, has not visited the village house since then.

In response to inquiries about the police officer’s participation in the campaign, Nizam Uddin Hazari, the candidate for the Feni-2 (Sadar) constituency and current Member of Parliament, informed Prothom Alo over phone on Wednesday night, “I visited the madrasah in the police officer’s village before the election schedule was announced. The picture circulating is not recent; it's a couple of months old.”

When questioned about the use of the picture in posters and the campaign conducted on 25 December, he explained, “Some of my supporters put up the posters ahead of schedule.”

Efforts to contact Dhaka Metropolitan Police Deputy Commissioner Jasim Uddin were made by calling his mobile phone several times to inquire about his participation in the election campaign as a government official. However, he did not answer the calls.

Subsequently, he was texted, but no response was received.

When questioned about the participation of a Superintendent of Police (SP) in the election campaign of a candidate, Mahid Uddin, Additional Commissioner of Dhaka Metropolitan Police (Crime and Operations), responded, “The matter is not within my knowledge.”

He suggested contacting the Additional Commissioner (Administration).

However, when Dhaka Metropolitan Police Additional Commissioner (Administration) AKM Hafiz Akhtar was approached for comments on the matter, he stated that he was not aware of the situation.

Addressing the same issue, Feni Deputy Commissioner and Returning Officer Shahina Akhter informed Prothom Alo, “I have not received any such complaint yet.”