"We hope the vaccine doses will reach the country by November this year. Since we've a non-disclosure agreement, we can't disclose the price," Shamsul Arefin, additional secretary of the cabinet division, told reporters while briefing them on the issue.

The virtual meeting, chaired by finance minister AHM Mustafa Kamal, also approved nine other procurement proposals of different ministries.

The finance minister said, "We've calculated that we need to vaccinate some 13.82 crore (138.2 million) people. So, we have to buy 27.65 crore (276.5 million) vaccine doses. We've 2.55 crore (25.5 million) vaccine doses in our hands and the remaining amounts need to be collected."

Earlier, Bangladesh purchased 15 million doses of Sinopharm Covid vaccine from China at a rate lower than what was set in an earlier deal.

Bangladesh earlier received two million doses of vaccine as a gift from China.

On 27 May this year, the same committee approved the procurement of the same Chinese vaccine at $10 per dose.

China was then upset by the disclosure of the price saying it was a breach of a non-disclosure clause agreed by the two governments.

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