The Prothom Alo newspaper is read by 5 million readers. We have readers in every corner of the country. Our readers are our strength. is now the world's most popular Bangla website. Though our print and online newspaper as well as our digital platforms, we endeavour to bring you the latest and the most accurate news.

We now say, Digital First, alongside our print newspaper. Prothom Alo will be read digitally first. Prothom Alo is active round the clock on, Prothom Alo's mobile app, its Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages, as well as on YouTube.

Prothom Alo's affiliated publications include the monthly Kishor Alo, Bigyan Chinta and Chalti Ghatana, the quarterly Pratichinta and the regular magazine Barnil. There is also the publishing house Prothoma Prokashon, the video streaming platform Chorki of Mediastar Limited and more. These are all multidimensional initiatives to deliver news and entertainment par excellence.

Prothom Alo believes in innovation and all that is new. There is a challenge in this, an endless array of possibilities. There is no alternative to taking up new and challenging initiatives to survive the global competition. And that is exactly what we are doing. We are competing with the top names in global media to bag prestigious prizes along the way. This has brought fame and glory to Bangladesh on a global scale.

We dream of a prosperous Bangladesh. Our youth are scaling new heights, facing new challenges and flying the green and red flag high all over the world. Fired by the spirit of the liberation war, we carry out all sorts of activities with the aim of building a democratic, non-communal and humanitarian modern country, free of all discrimination and disparity. You have placed your trust in us. We are determined to live up to your demands and aspirations.

We want to forge ahead with your trust and confidence in us. So I repeat, when Prothom Alo wins, you win. It is the win of the readers, of Bangladesh. We want to see the victory of Bangladesh.

Readers, stay with us. We want to remain victorious together in the days ahead.

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