Biman Bangladesh Airlines
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The Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh (CAAB) has asked the country's 22 airlines, helicopter operators and flying academies to check the academic certificates of the pilots as a candidate forged the certificate to get recruited as pilot in Biman Bangladesh Airlines.

The flying standard and regulations department issued the letter on Tuesday after the matter came to the fore.

Several airlines, including US Bangla, have confirmed the news after receiving the letter.

It is learnt that Sadiya Ahmed was recruited as first officer in Biman Bangladesh in 2021.

As per the rule, the candidate has to pass from science in Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC). But Sadiya completed HSC from humanities.

So she made a fake certificate, which showed she studied science in HSC, and submitted it to the authorities.

Sadiya has already been relieved of all duties after the issue came to limelight.

When asked, the managing director of Biman Bangladesh Airlines, Shafiul Azim, said the pilots' certificates are issued by the CAAB. She was recruited, scrutinising that certificate. Now, the CAAB will investigate whether the pilot forged the certificate.

The CAAB sources said they found the proof of her forgery at primary investigation. Her certificate will be cancelled soon.