The annual report focuses on the efforts of certain US trade beneficiary countries and territories to eliminate the worst forms of child labour through legislation, enforcement mechanisms, policies and social programmes.

The Bangladesh Labour Act does not apply to the informal sector, in which most child labour in Bangladesh occurs, the US Department of Labor said.

In addition, penalties for child labour violations can only be imposed after a lengthy legal process and, when courts do impose them, the fines are too low to deter child labour law violations.

Moreover, the government did not publicly release information on its criminal law enforcement efforts related to child labour, the department added.

In 2021, Bangladesh made moderate advancements in efforts to eliminate the worst forms of child labour.

In early 2022, the government ratified International Labor Organization Convention No. 138: Convention Concerning Minimum Age for Admission to Employment and the International Labor Organization Protocol of 2014 to the Forced Labor Convention.

Also, it removed 5,088 children in vulnerable situations from 23 districts through labour inspections, the report said.