Which section shares what pc of 56pc quota

The issue of quota has come to the fore recently after the students and job aspirants have been launching a movement seeking a number of demands including reinstatement of the circular that the government issued in 2018 cancelling the quota system in government jobs.

However, the quota system has been existing for long.

On 4 October 2018, the public administration ministry issued a circular canceling the quota from ninth to 13th grade (Class I and II) in government jobs.

According to government information, 80 per cent of vacant posts were filled up through quota and only 20 per cent on merit based between 1972 and 1976.

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Recruitment based on merit was raised to 40 per cent in 1976. In 1985, 45 per cent of recruitment based on merit was introduced in Class I and II posts.

Remaining 55 per cent of jobs are filled up through quota--30 per cent for freedom fighters, 10 per cent for women, 10 per cent for district and 5 per cent for ethnic minorities. Later one per cent of jobs through quota was introduced for physically disabled persons. The total quota stands at 56 per cent.

Freedom fighters' quota existed since the beginning. Later, children of freedom fighters were introduced and later grandchildren of freedom fighters were added.

Analysing information and statistics, it is found that a large number of posts would remain vacant due to lack of candidates from quota. At one stage, a decision was taken that vacant posts will be filled from the merit list if suitable candidates are not found in the quota.

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On 4 October 2018, in the face of movement for quota reform, the public administration ministry issued a circular canceling the quota from nine grade to 13th grade (Class I and II) in government jobs.

Challenging the legality of the circular, in 2021, seven children of freedom fighters, including Ohidul Islam, filed a writ with the High Court.

The High Court issued a rule over the primary hearing of the writ on 6 December 2021, seeking explanation about showing disrespect to freedom fighters and non-compliance of the High Court and the Appellate Division orders.

After the final hearing, the High Court declared the rule “absolute” on 5 June.

Seeking the stay of the High Court verdict, the state filed a petition, which was placed for hearing at the full bench of the Appellate Division via the chamber court.

As the writ petitioner sought time, the Appellate Division ordered “not today” (4 July).

At the same time, the state was asked to file a regular leave to appeal.

In this context, two students Tuesday filed a petition against the High Court verdict.

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The Appellate Division set Wednesday for hearing the appeals of the state and the two students, seeking the stay of the High Court order reinstating the quota system.

Lawyers said whether all quotas will be reinstated or noly for freedom fighters' quota could be known after receiving the full verdict of the High Court verdict.