The demonstration will be carried out in a bid to celebrate ‘World Refugee Day’ on Sunday. The last time a demonstration of this magnitude was staged was on 25 August, 2019, under the leadership of slain Master Muhibullah.

According to sources, tomorrow’s demonstration will also be organized by Arakan Rohingya Society Peace for Human Rights, an organisation founded by Muhibullah.

The program will start at 10:00am. Rohingyas from five camps will gather at the football field of Balukhali Rohingya Camp-9 to participate in the programme.

UNB couldn’t contact Refugee Relief and Repatriation Commissionar Shah Rezwan Hayat in this regard though after repeated attempts.

Additional Police Super (ASP) of Armed Police Battalion Unit-8 (8APBN) Kamran Hossain said that they’ve come to know that the Rohingyas are going to organize a demonstration demanding their quick repatriation.

“We’ll comment on this after knowing the details,” Kamran added.