Seeking bank details of journalists motivated: DRU

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UNB file photo

The executive committee of Dhaka Reporters’ Unity (DRU) has expressed its concern and discontent over bank details being sought of 11 top journalist leaders of six organisations, including the president and general secretary of DRU.

A statement of DRU on Wednesday said that specific allegations of corruption and criminal activities against anyone can be investigated. However, such a sweeping decision to ask for the details of the bank accounts of elected leaders from various journalist organisations is definitely motivated.

The journalist organisations have been disrespected and belittled by this.

DRU said the decision would have been reasonable to an extent if the bank accounts of all elected leaders of all other professional organisations had been sought. Instead, such a decision against the journalist leaders is a threat to healthy and independent journalism.

Stating that it was necessary to verify whether Bangladesh Financial Intelligence Unit (BFIU) has taken this decision at the behest of any vested quarters or not, DRU said they suspect a corrupt section of bureaucrats may be pulling the strings from behind the scenes.