The authorities would extend no post-expenditure approval and this is why the expenses must not exceed the allocation. The officials have to remain within the financial limit and avoid the practice of keeping bills due in different sectors.

The allocated funds should be spent in compliance with the prevailing financial and administrative rules of the government. The payments of monthly utility bills (electricity, water, municipal tax, gas, and fuel etc.) must be monitored closely at the circuit houses.

Moreover, a budget implementation plan has to be formulated at the beginning of the fiscal year based on the allocated money. The tendency of spending allocated money hastily should also be avoided.

In case of any ambiguity in the allocation, the officials have been asked to inform the ministry, instead of taking any instant action.

Earlier on 7 July, the ministry directed the Upazila Nirbahi Officers (UNOs) to be economical while spending money. Besides, there are a set of conditions on foreign trips of the government officials and purchase of vehicles.