SUST VC professor Farid Uddin connected with JU VC professor Farzana Islam through phone call this afternoon and begged apology to the students and teachers of Jahangirnagar University for making derogatory comments against them, said the press release.

Professor Farid Uddin Ahmed claimed that his statement has been edited and spread through social media. This has caused anger in the minds of JU students and teachers. So, he has apologised for the matter.

Professor Farid Uddin hoped that the liberal and progressive teachers and students of Jahangirnagar University would forgive him, the release added.

Earlier, SUST VC Farid Uddin Ahmed was heard making derogatory comments on JU students in a recently leaked audio clip saying, "No one wants to marry JU female students easily".

Since the audio went viral, students of Jahangirnagar University have been protesting against SUST Farid Uddin's derogatory remarks and demanding his punishment.