Tazgeer, who sold plants on rickshaw-van, anxious about admission

Md Tazgeer Hossaincollected

Md Tazgeer Hossain is a youth of Khunta village under Laksham upazila of Cumilla. He lost his mother while he was in Class 9. His mother had dreamt that her son would become a physician one day.

Despite numerous adversities, he didn’t quit studies and was determined to fulfill his mother’s dream. He managed the expenses of his secondary examination by selling plants on a rickshaw-van in between classes and on holidays. And, he spent his mornings and afternoons in giving private tuition during his higher secondary level.

Tazgeer managed to get himself enrolled in a medical admission coaching with the help of a relative and a little bit of money that he had saved. He got the chance to study at Khulna Medical College by appearing in the admission test.

However, despite passing the hurdle of medical admission test, this meritorious student who has come this far by struggling since childhood is now worried about the admission fees as well as his study expenses.

It was learnt through his family sources, Tazgeer’s father Shahadat Hopssain is from Chaklakshmipur village under Cumilla’s Chauddagram upazila. He settled in his in-laws house in Khunta village of Laksham after marriage. At that time, he used to run a small business in Laksham.

Tazgeer’s mother Taslima Begum died in March of 2017. Tazgeer is the eldest among four sons of his parents. Tazgeer, frustrated with the family struggles, started selling plants by rickshaw-van while living at his maternal grandparents’ home. Meanwhile, Tazgeer’s father remarried.

Tazgeer realised he must continue his studies. He passed the secondary school certificate examination with GPA-4.94 from a local high school in Laksham. Later, he got GPA-5 in his higher secondary school certificate examination from Nawab Faizunnesa Govt College.

Tazgeer took the medical college admission test on 1 April and the results were published on 5 April. Tazgeer ranked 2,595 on the national merit list.

Tazgeer told Prothom Alo, “When I received GPA-5 in my primary education certificate examination, my mother had said that she will make me a doctor one day even if she had to beg for that. I always remembered that. I never stood second in my class and now I’ve got chance to study in a medical college. My mother would have been extremely delighted if she were alive today. But, now I am worried about the expenses.”

Tazgeer’s father Shahdat Hossain said he has been very happy at his son’s success. But, he is now thinking of how the expenses off his studies will be managed.

Humans can achieve even the impossible through willpower. Tazgeer’s life-struggle is a proof of that.
Mita Shafinaz, acting principal of Nawab Faizunnesa Govt College

Tazgeer’s school-teacher Hasne Hena said to Prothom Alo, “The boy has kept his mother’s words.” She believes Tazgeer will do even better in future if he gets proper support.

Mita Shafinaz, acting principal of Nawab Faizunnesa Govt College told Prothom Alo, “Humans can achieve even the impossible through willpower. Tazgeer’s life-struggle is a proof of that. The boy is poor but brilliant and modest. All of us should stand by him.”