Mahbub Talulder said that he was surprised that Shamim Osman was not given any letter despite breaching the electoral code of conduct. He said, “An MP took part in the election campaign breaching the electoral code of conduct. Even after that no letter was issued regarding this. Rather, it was said that although he breached the electoral code of conduct, it was not a punishable offence.”

Regarding this, he further said, “What is the difference between a punishable and non-punishable offence in case of breaching the electoral code of conduct? Then why were other MPs given letters for breaching the electoral code of conduct? This is not a sign of neutrality in the election.”

Mahbub Talukder also raised questions about the spree of fictitious cases during the elections. Saying that he has always opposed the trend of fictitious cases, he said even during the election of Narayanganj City Corporation, arrests in old cases continue, which is unfortunate.

He said, “According to reports in several media outlets, a number of people were arrested after the declaration of election schedule. However, the exact number could not be confirmed despite contacting the authorities concerned directly. There is no information regarding this at the election commission secretariat. There is no information of the people killed in violence during other polls either. We once told the people concerned to not arrest any people affiliated with the election, especially the polling agents, in the time between the declaration of the election schedule and the day of election. However, it is different if it is a criminal offence or an cognizable offence.”

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