The UNICEF Superstar Campaign was launched during the 2020 lockdown in Bangladesh.

UNICEF launched the campaign to keep children and young people engaged in creative activities and to develop their talents at a time when educational institutions were indefinitely closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

More than a thousand children participated in the campaign and expressed their hopes and aspirations through paintings, songs and poems, which were then shared on the UNICEF Bangladesh Facebook page.

Artworks by some of those young artists are featured here:

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To stay safe from the coronavirus, seven-year-old Arib Zuhair Hossain regularly washes his hands, wears a mask and maintains physical distancing. He also stayed home during the lockdown. He believes that the only way to protect oneself and others is to practice the safety rules carefully.
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Through her artwork, eight-year-old Arundhati Tarafdar paid tribute to all the law enforcement and health service warriors who risked their lives to keep everyone safe from the Covid-19 pandemic.
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Seven-year-old Farzad Feroz knows the importance of keeping the environment clean to protect his health. The need for protecting the environment has become all the more important during the current pandemic. Through his art, he urges everyone to behave responsibly.
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Eight-year-old Khadijatul Kobra Bushra loves drawing. Through her artwork, she expresses gratitude to all health workers and law enforcement officials who are relentlessly helping people to fight against the pandemic.
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With her colour pencils, five-year-old Naya Ahmed highlights how pandemic has changed lives of people. Naya believes that if everyone follows basic safety rules, the world will soon regain its health.
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Through his artwork, eight-year-old Karib Zawad Ghani reminds everyone that our responsibility towards the environment has not ended even when we are confined at home. We must continue to work hard to protect the environment.
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Twin brothers Tasin Hasan and Tanzim Hasan dream of becoming a scientist and a doctor in the future and devote themselves to people’s welfare. They are doing their part to protect themselves and implore others to follow basic safety rules during the pandemic.
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Six-year-old Zainab Binte Akram believes it is possible to free the world from the Covid-19 pandemic by regularly washing hands with soap, wearing masks and staying at home. Only when everyone acts responsibly will we be able to effectively fight this pandemic.