Inspector General of Police (IGP) Benazir Ahmed said there was a conspiracy against the country.

“Leaders of a political party are hiring lobbyists to impose sanctions on the country’s economy, writing letters to stop GSP. You people are in politics for the people, yet you declare war against the people. You are acting against the people. Who are you? What do you want?”

IGP Benazir Ahmed made the remarks while addressing a special event organised by the Police Service Association at Rajarbagh Police Auditorium in the capital on Saturday afternoon. He was the special guest at the discussion on the occasion of Independence and National Day, unveiling commemorative book 'Anashwar Pita' for Mujib Year and award giving ceremony of the drawing competition.

The IGP said, "This is the history of the Indian subcontinent. Once upon a time, there were numerous small independent states. Many of the independent states were constantly at loggerheads with each other. It is said that Rana Singh, king of Mewar, invited Babar to invade India. Ahmad Shah Abdali was also invited by a king from India for invasion. The ghost never left.”

The IGP said, "They are in politics for the people. Who you want to destroy by stopping GSP? There are 2.2 million female workers in the garments sector. More than 4 million people work directly in this sector. Who will suffer if GSP is stopped? Who will suffer if there is an economic blockade?”

Monirul Islam, head of the special branch of the police and president of the Police Service Association, presided over the function.

Home minister Asaduzzaman Khan was the chief guest on the occasion. Additional IGP (Administration) Mainur Rahman Chowdhury, DMP Commissioner Shafiqul Islam, RAB Director General (DG) Chowdhury Abdullah Al Mamun, DMP Additional Commissioner (Crime and Ops) Krishna Pada Roy and Asaduzzaman, Deputy Commissioner of Gulshan and General Secretary of Police Service Association spoke in the event.