ARTICLE 19 hosted the show on community radios as part of its ongoing dialogue amongst different groups to reduce divisiveness, stigma, hate speech and misinformation to ensure harmony, inclusiveness and pluralism in communities.

During the discussion, journalist Rozina Islam said, “Before writing, liking, commenting or sharing anything on social media, it is important to be sure about the truth of the matter. To stop lies, rumours and propaganda, the news media also needs to stop the tendency of breaking news. Women especially women journalists are the main victims of cybercrime.”

Freedom of expression in respect to religious beliefs, political views and dissent must be ensured.
Faruq Faisel, regional director, ARTICLE 19, South Asia

Faruq Faisel said, “Tolerance and respect for each other is declining in the society. People need to have a clear idea about all religions and increase the practice of respecting other religions, otherwise communal violence will increase in the society. Freedom of expression in respect to religious beliefs, political views and dissent must be ensured.”

Highlighting the need to increase involvement of youth in sports and cultural activities, cultural activist Ila Devi Mallick said, “There is a growing tendency among the youth to engage in violent and anti-social activities.”

Kanika Sarkar said, “The essence of all religions is humanity and justice. The true meaning of religion must be conveyed to the people.”

Jyothsna Dutta, “Families need to be aware and responsible to stop the misuse of the internet."

The live show included viewers and listeners on Facebook as well, who shared their questions and opinions on various issues related to communal harmony and the use of the internet and social media. The recorded program will be aired again at 8 pm Friday to promote awareness among the listeners.

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