Speakers at a dialogue on Thursday said the participation of women in journalism is still very low for various socioeconomic drawbacks, reports UNB.

They said the presence of women in journalism, especially in leadership roles in Bangladesh, is very negligible with the lack of ‘role model’ and ‘heroes’ which tends to have an adverse impact on women’s participation in the field of journalism.

Bangladesh Institute of Peace and Security Studies (BIPSS) recently organised their latest BIPSS Policy Café “[email protected]” on "Women in Journalism: Prospects & Challenges" at a hotel in Dhaka.

BIPSS president Major General ANM Muniruzzaman moderated the event, said a media release on Thursday.

Ayesha Kabir, head of Prothom Alo English web, was the guest speaker at the policy dialogue attended by diplomats, editors, scholars, defence personnel, academics and other dignitaries and relevant participants.

The speakers highlighted the huge percentage of women within the overall population and thus they have a more than crucial role in terms of their participation towards shaping public life and national perception towards the media.

They said the surge of Covid-19 has only exacerbated the underlying complexities regarding the whole situation.

They also highlighted the worrying lack of safety that a woman has to encounter while undertaking her journalistic duties and responsibilities.

The speakers focused on the role of women in journalism towards ensuring a gender sensitive national agenda, while showcasing the components that are significant towards ensuring the sensitization.

They also suggested various recommendations towards a course of actions conducive towards ensuring greater acceptance and inclusion of the role of women in journalism for the wider society, which is imperative in the age of globalisation and connectivity.

Another key aspect that came to the forefront is how women bring fresh perspectives, challenges essential towards formulating a more pragmatic scenario in journalism.

During the interactive discussion between the guest speaker and the audience, many key aspects concerning the issue came into the spotlight, especially an increase in terms of awareness over the role of women’s participation in journalism.