Prime minister Sheikh Hasina speaks at a community reception accorded to her organised by the expatriate Bangladeshis in Italy at her place of residence in Rome on 25 July, 2023

Prime minister Sheikh Hasina has called upon all to stay united and protect Bangladesh from the clasps of the evil forces. She also said Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) does not want elections rather looks forward to creating an abnormal situation in the country.

“They (BNP) want to push Bangladesh into an unstable situation again. So, all have to remain alert,” she told a community reception accorded to her organised by the expatriate Bangladeshis in Italy at her place of residence in Rome on Tuesday.

Sheikh Hasina, also president of governing Awami League (AL), sought vote for her party’s electoral symbol “boat” again in the next general elections, saying AL will have to come to power to build “Smart Bangladesh”.

She alleged that the BNP doesn’t want election rather it wants to create an abnormal situation in the country.

“The election will definitely be held as per the constitution. BNP knows that the people will not vote for them. So, BNP wants to destabilise the country. Why would the people go to vote for those who were driven out due to vote-rigging?” she added.

Sheikh Hasina questioned how can they seek votes after killing people through arson violence?

“They (BNP) don’t want election. They lick the legs of some of their foreign lords and they want the people of the country to suffer by them (the foreign lords),” she said, adding, “They want to hamper the ongoing development trend in the country.”

The prime minister reminded all that BNP never wants welfare of the people; rather they want to create an unstable situation in Bangladesh.

She continued: “Their (BNP) purpose is to net fish in troubled water. So, their aim is to hamper the progress of Bangladesh.”

Referring to sanction on some RAB officials and announcement of visa restrictions by the US, the prime minister said, “Sanction is imposed on them, by whom we’ve curbed terrorism and militancy. We can’t understand its mystery.”

Mentioning that those, who had not supported the liberation war, want to play games with Bangladesh in various ways now, she said, “The players can’t be allowed to play.”

She went on saying that the people of the country will have to remain united to thwart any ill intention.

Making a call to the expatriate Bangladeshis to send remittance through legal channels, Sheikh Hasina also requested them to search foreign partners to make investment in Bangladesh particularly in its ICT sector, food processing industry and small industry.

She also urged the expatriates to abide by the laws of their host countries and discourage the overseas jobseekers to migrate to the foreign countries through illegal channels.

The head of government, as well, asked them to encourage their families and relatives not to leave an inch of land uncultivated to boost food production amid the current global situation.

She said her government has taken steps to improve the food storage system.

The prime minister also highlighted her government successes in different sectors and the progress of the country attained since 2009.