EC discloses draft list of total voters

Election Commission LogoProthom Alo illustration

The election commission (EC) has published the draft list of total voters in the country, as per a law that stipulates this.

According to the list, the number of voters in the country is now 121,775,450 with 62,090,137 male, 59,684,389 and 924 hijra.

EC’s additional secretary Ashok Kumar Debnath published the list at a media briefing Sunday.

Though the law specified that the list be published on 2 January each year, the EC deferred publishing the list due to the 12th parliamentary election that took place on 7 January.

The final list will be published on 2 March.

The said deadline of submitting objections on the draft list will end on 5 February and those will have to be settled by 11 February, the EC informed the media.

The final decisions after settling the objections will have to be included in the voter list by 18 February.

As per the final voter list, published on 2 March last year, the number of voters in the country was 119,151,440. Another list was published on 14 September, before the 12th parliamentary elections, that said the number of voters was 119,689,289.