Chairman of PPRC Hossain Zillur Rahman and the executive director of BIGD Imran Motin were present at the event.

Hossain Zillur said the impact of Covid-19 fallout on the lives of daily labourers in rural area is less than that of the slum dwellers in city.

He said quoting from the survey, that 27.3 per cent of slum dwellers left the city last year for hometown, but 9.8 per cent of of them is yet to return to the city.

He added that although the income of the slum dwellers of the city has decreased as compared to the pre-pandemic period, the non-food expenditure has doubled in March this year as compared to June last year.

However, Zillur claimed that except farmers, income of people from all professions has decreased as compared to February last year.

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