With prices spiralling in the open market, people wait for fair-price commodities at the TCB trucks in Mohammedpur in the capital city on 12 March 2022
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The inflation has surpassed 7 per cent all of a sudden.

The overall inflation rate in the country has increased to 7.42 per cent in May, which was 6.29 per cent in April while it stood at 8.30 per cent in food products from 6.23 per cent in April.

However, the figure for non-food products in May is lowered by a narrow margin of April, at 6.8 per cent and 6.39 per cent respectively.

Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) came up with this disclosure on Sunday.

Analysts said inflation is a type of tax. Pressure mounts on lower income people if the income is not increased in line with the prices of essential commodities, resulting in people falling below the poverty line.