Decision on onion import in 2-3 days: Agriculture minister

Agriculture Minister Md. Abdur RazzaqueUNB

Agriculture minister Abdur Razzaque has said that the decision regarding onion import will be taken within two to three days based on the market situation, reports UNB.

He said this while speaking to newspersons at his office in the secretariat on Sunday.

Abdur Razzaque said, “I know that all middle-class and limited-income people are suffering. The price of onion should not be Tk 80 per kg. At the policy level, we are putting emphasis on the interests of our local farmers.”

"We have discussed it at the highest policymaking level. We are monitoring the market very closely and are expecting to come to a Insha'Allah, you will get a decision on whether we will import onions in 2-3 days," he said.

Last week, the agriculture secretary Wahida Akhter said the government is considering importing onions due to the hike in onion prices in the market.

Due to government intervention, onion production in the country has increased by more than one million tonne in the last two years, according to the Department of Agricultural Extension.

This year alone, more than 3.4 million tonnes of onion have been produced in the country. Meanwhile, the demand for onion in the country is 2.6 million to 2.8 million tonnes per year.

However, due to lack of proper storage system or adverse environment, 30-35 per cent of locally produced onions are wasted.