Bangladesh Bank (BB) has asked banks to provide online and internet-based banking services to clients round the clock during the upcoming Eid holidays.

As per a BB circular issued on Thursday, Banks will have to deliver immediate financial services through automated teller machines, points of sale, internet banking and mobile financial services to clients.

BB asked the lenders to ensure ATM services for clients during the holidays when sufficient cash has to be stored with the tool.

If any ATM machine faces technical glitch, banks will have to solve it in the quickest possible time.

Eid-ul-Fitr, the largest religious festival of the Muslims, is scheduled to be celebrated either on 2 or 3 May depending on moon sighting.

The government declares vacations for three to four days to celebrate the festival.

The central bank also asked banks to ensure POS service during the period when they have to campaign awareness programme to alert clients so that they can avert fraudulent activities.

Banks will have to ensure the security tool of the two-factor authentication system while clients settle transactions through the method of card-not-present.