“We’ll re-issue the tender if needed,” a senior official at the state grain purchasing agency said. “But at the moment, we don’t require the tender as we have finalised deals with Russia to buy 500,000 tonnes.”

“We have already purchased 100,000 tonnes of wheat from Bulgaria and another 50,000 tonnes of wheat from Ukraine is on the way via open tenders.”

The south Asian country, among importers hard-hit by disruption to Ukrainian and Russian grain exports by the fighting in Ukraine, has been exploring ways to import wheat since its biggest supplier India banned exports of the grain in May.

Private traders have recently bought wheat for Bangladesh from Bulgaria, Russia and Ukraine, a Dhaka-based trader added.

“Average C&F price is $350, which is reasonable,” the trader said. “Four vessels, each carrying 50,000 tonnes, are on the way while 10 more vessels will arrive in the next two months.”

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