FBCCI vice-president M A Momen said, Bangladesh is now more developed in the energy sector than before.

He called upon all to work together to deal with the power crisis.

Director-in-charge of the committee Abul Kasem Khan stressed the need for giving emphasis on coal-fired power generation. He also called for reconsideration of the agreements in the energy sector in the context of global scenarios.

Chairman of the committee and managing director of Energypac Power Generation Humayun Rashid said the energy sector will create huge employment in future; hence the sector needs more concentration from the policy makers.

FBCCI directors Bijoy Kumar Kejriwal and Md Naser also spoke at the meeting.

Directors Hafez Harun, Amzad Hussain, committee co-chairmen Salauddin Yousuf, Mahfuzul Hoque Shah and members of the committee were also present at the meeting.