UK private sector to invest in Bangladesh aviation sector

UK private sector to invest in BD's aviation sectorUNB

UK investment minister Lord Dominic Johnson on Friday expressed UK’s commitment in strengthening Bangladesh's aviation sector.

“Bangladesh's aviation industry will be strengthened through an effective aviation partnership and new jobs will be created in both countries,” she said.

He made the comment in a tweet after signing a joint communique.

The joint communique has been signed between Bangladesh and the United Kingdom with the aim of establishing an ‘aviation partnership’ for the necessary cooperation in the development of Bangladesh's aviation sector.

This includes the purchase of passenger and cargo aircraft from Airbus.

It was signed by prime minister's private industry and investment adviser Salman F Rahman on behalf of Bangladesh and UK’s investment minister Lord Dominic Johnson, on behalf of the United Kingdom.

Prime minister's principal secretary M Tofazzel Hossain Miah and United Kingdom's prime minister's trade envoy to Bangladesh Roshanara Ali MP were present during the signing ceremony.

Bangladesh's trade and investment relations with United Kingdom and the other European partners of Airbus supposed to be strengthened along with the development of Bangladesh's aviation industry through this initiative.

Bangladesh can also get long-term credit facilities from UK export finance scheme on easy terms for the purchase of aircraft from Airbus.

After signing it, prime minister's adviser Salman F Rahman expressed his satisfaction and said that as a result of this initiative, a long term and effective relationship can be established between Airbus and Bangladesh Biman through which the current relationship between Bangladesh, UK, France, Germany and EU can be strengthened further.