Food inflation rises further

For the second consecutive month, food inflation rate has touched the double digits in May. The rate was 10.76 per cent which was 10.22 per cent in April.

The Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) published a report in this regard today, Monday.

The food inflation rate soared to the double-digit figure in April after a hiatus of four months. The rate rises further in May.

The overall inflation rate in the country has also increased in May. The rate was 9.89 per cent. In April, the inflation rate was 9.74 per cent.

Though the food inflation spiked in May, non-food inflation slightly dipped to 9.19 per cent from 9.34 per cent in April.

A high inflation rate has been prevailing in Bangladesh for the last two years, with the rate remaining above 9 per cent.

Despite various measures of the government to rein in inflation, nothing produced the intended results so far. Instead, the rate has risen.

The high inflation rate has become one of the toughest challenges for the government and the economy.

The analysts say inflation is a kind of tax that puts pressure on all irrespective of their income status.

As the high inflation rate has been prevailing for the last two years, the purchasing power of the people has slumped significantly.

Meanwhile, the experts think the actual inflation rate is higher than the amount the BBS shows.