BGMEA president Faruque Hassan said vehicles carrying export-oriented goods often remain stuck in traffic jams for long hours mainly for the dilapidated roads that connect major industrial zones, including Gazipur, Chattogram, Narayganj, Savar, Ashulia and Mawna.

Besides, commuters including employees, workers and workers of industries have to go through immense sufferings every day while travelling on the damaged and bumpy roads and lose their valuable working hours, Faruque Hassan said.

Traffic jam is wasting up valuable portion of the lead time specified by buyers for shipment of exportable goods.

“While Bangladesh is gearing up for more growth in the industrial sector including RMG industry, it is of utmost important to ensure smooth and faster transportation of export-import of goods and raw materials," said the BGMEA chief.

“Once the mega projects taken by the government are completed, it would significantly improve transport connectivity in the country and accelerate trade by reducing cost of transportation and logistics. However, it is also necessary to carry out renovation of all the existing roads to ensure smooth traffic flow,” he added.

The RHD chief engineer assured the BGMEA delegation of necessary steps to repair the roads in the major industrial areas.

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