Speaking on the upcoming webinar, eduaid CEO Kazi AHS Ahsan said, “This is a rare occasion to hear from the Australian government authorities on Australian immigration directly."

“It is an invaluable opportunity for business people interested in taking their ventures to Australia to have insights into the ins and outs of business migration to Australia,” he continued.

Ahsan also said such an occasion, where a direct representative of the Australian government would be present and oversee, is unheard of.

“Having the state government of South Australia join in the webinar and interact with participants will allow business people to attain an incredibly high level of information on Australian business migration directly from the source."

“This will also consequently improve the quality of business immigration applications received by Australia's department of home affairs."

“While immigration information is usually collected from Australian Federal or state government websites and other secondary sources, this webinar will allow attendees to hear about Australian immigration, nomination requirements, and application processes first-hand from the Australian government,” he said.

South Australia is one of the biggest and fastest-growing states in Australia, where the city of Adelaide has recently become the third-most liveable city in the world.

South Australia's state government is currently encouraging business and skilled people from around the world to move to and settle in South Australia and are religiously promoting this cause, providing migrants with everything from basic information to nomination processes to even post-visa services.

The webinar, which is free to register, will go live on 10 August 2021, at 11:00am Bangladesh and 3:00pm Australia time.

It will be spearheaded by eduaid CEO and licensed and regulated Australian and New Zealand immigration consultant Kazi AHS Ahsan and Andrew Klimek from the South Australian state government.

Businesspersons who join the webinar will learn about the Australian Federal government’s policies on the country’s Business Migration Programme, the South Australian state government’s requirements for a state nomination, and how South Australia supports business migrants from around the world.

Interested parties must register for the webinar on business migration to Australia, conducted by eduaid and the South Australian state government, at this link. The webinar will be accessible only to selected participants after the registration process.

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