Consumer rights protection body warns market committees over price instability in Ramadan

Directorate of National Consumer Rights Protection director general AHM Shafiquzzaman

The Directorate of National Consumer Rights Protection (DNCRP) will take action against the market committees of the areas where instability of commodity prices will be seen during the holy month of Ramadan, reports news agency BSS.

The information was revealed at a meeting to exchange views at the Trading Corporation of Bangladesh (TCB) auditorium in the capital city on Sunday.

Commerce ministry senior secretary Tapan Kanti Ghosh attended the meeting as the chief guest while DNCRP director general AHM Shafiquzzaman also spoke on the occasion.

In his speech, Tapan Kanti Ghosh said wholesalers, retailers and importers blame each other over commodity prices and crises.

“In fact, you have to find out where the problem is,” he added.

Regarding the packaging of products, he said, the first obstacle comes from the traders, not the consumers.

AHM Shafiquzzaman said retailers and wholesalers complain that suppliers are supplying products to the market less than the demand.

“But the information about how much product is supplied to the market every day comes to the Ministry of Commerce from the meeting of importers and marketing companies. According to that data, there should not be a shortage of goods. But still they do not understand why there is instability in the market,” he added.

Shafiquzzaman mentioned that importers have adequate stock of all essential commodities. However, if there is instability in any market, action will be taken against that market committee, he added.

He further said, “There is no shortage of products, there is a shortage of management. If there is a violation of the price fixed by the government, DNCRP will take necessary measures against the traders concerned.”