Huawei introduces new digital power inverters to Bangladesh

Leading global ICT solution and equipment provider, Huawei, has recently introduced four new inverters at a conference for industry stakeholders, Engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) partners, said a press release.

The conference namely Huawei Partner Ecological Conference 2023 at Dhaka has highlighted the efficacy of Digital Power and the attendees have discussed the prospects of renewable energy solutions in Bangladesh.

Liang Weixing (Jack), managing director, Digital Power, Huawei South Asia presented the different inverters for Bangladesh market at the event. For the Commercial and Industrial (C&I) market, he has introduced SUN2000-100-KTL-M2, SUN2000-115-KTL-M2 and SUN2000-50-KTL-M3 model inverter. And for the utility sector he put SUN2000-330KTL-H1 inverter in place.

Liang Weixing (Jack) said at the event, "Digital Power is comparatively a new concept for Bangladesh’s industries. It has huge potentiality and can be very effective in tackling energy crisis. Industries will not only be able to reduce cost and ensure operational excellency but also can become independent. With that intention we have brought outstanding products for Bangladesh today. I believe Bangladesh will be greatly benefited with these solutions. Besides, enabling Bangladesh to embrace renewable energy could not be possible without our partners. We are hopeful that we will grow together with the country."

All the inverters for C&I are equipped with a feature namely Smart String-Level Disconnector (SSLD) to detect reverse current flow, short circuit.  These inverters have PID (Potential Induced Degradation) recovery feature that can improve a solar PV system output by 5% as well. 

Besides, only Huawei inverters has TUV certified Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI) safety function that resists fire hazards by detecting arc sparks within 200 meters in 0.5 seconds.

SUN2000-330KTL-H1 is the first inverter that is enriched with smart fan dust removal, Smart Connector-Level Detection (SCLD) function. Therefore, with this solution unstable connection problem of connectors is eliminated.

It adopts the SSLD technology to implement high-precision and fast disconnection for DC-side faults in Utility scale projects. The inverter does not need to be shut down for daily operation and management throughout the lifetime therefore it can reduce OPEX by reducing (Levelized Cost of Energy) LCOE by 6 per cent.

SUN2000-330KTL-H1 inverter has a new-generation 1500 V smart string Utility PV system that is safe, friendly, smart, and efficient increasing energy density further.  It is the first DC triple-safe inverter with that adapts to all scenarios.

Currently numbers of EPC partners are working with Huawei. All the partners received recognition at the conference for their outstanding contribution in facilitating Bangladesh with digital power solution. Among them three companies – namely Omera Renewable Energy Limited, Cynergy Limited and Solar EPC Development Ltd. – were awarded for going extra miles.

Bangladesh has plan to reduce carbon emission. Bangladesh pledges to reduce 22 per cent carbon emission by 2030. 

Huawei has been providing solar power solutions in Bangladesh for the last three years. In between, it has provided solutions to numbers of government and industry projects. Country’s second largest solar plant at Mymensingh is using Huawei’s digital power solution.