Green development, building energy-efficient ICT infrastructure

Huawei's Carrier Business Group Chief Marketing Officer, Philip Song

Huawei's Carrier Business Group Chief Marketing Officer, Philip Song, has launched a new suite of green development solution in an ongoing online programme, Win-Win Huawei Innovation Week arranged by Huawei, says a press release.

This solution is aimed at helping operators systematically improve network energy efficiency as ICT infrastructure continues to evolve from 5G and F5G to 5.5G and F5.5G, green networks, evaluated against the network carbon intensity (NCIe) index and it will become a critical part of future target networks. And it will help operators systematically build green networks that simultaneously address traffic growth and carbon emission reduction.

According to Song, technological innovation is required at three levels. Firstly, to move sites fully outdoors, and increase equipment energy efficiency and the efficiency of using renewable energy; secondly, to maximize energy efficiency and make networks all-optical, simplified, and intelligent; and thirdly to achieve green O&M, new O&M and energy-saving policies more easily.

Song launched Huawei's green development solution with innovations at these three levels, as well as the new NCIe indicator system which supports this three-layer solution of green site, green network, and green operation.

Song also announced the opening of the Evergreen Land engagement room, where Huawei will meet with global operators to discuss in-depth about green development and ways to build the most energy-efficient ICT infrastructure. He reiterated, "Huawei is committed to working with operators to improve the energy efficiency of ICT infrastructure and create value using green ICT technologies."

At the site layer, the solution focuses on innovation in three areas like in fully outdoor deployment since its leading blade power module supports 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G within a single site. And that solution features 97% site energy efficiency (SEE).

Besides, high degrees of integration where ultra-wideband RF modules and multi-band antennas are integrated within these simplified sites. It also ensures efficient use of renewable energy.

At the network layer, the solution also features innovations in three areas like, (i) all-optical connectivity by upgrading the entire network from electrical switching to optical switching; (ii) Simplification by enabling the solution to integrate four units of equipment into one; and (iii) Intelligence with dynamic hibernation of routers and automatically adjusts the forwarding frequency of network processors based on changes in the traffic volume.

Also at the operation layer, the solution focuses on user operations, energy saving policies, and energy efficiency indicators.