Jaya Ahsan surprises newlyweds as wedding crasher!

“She left us all thrilled! We couldn’t believe our eyes. It was really a mesmerizing experience, and I will cherish this beautiful memory all my life,” said a newlywed bride after Jaya Ahsan crashed her wedding in the capital.

In recent weeks, actress Jaya Ahsan suddenly appeared in various weddings across Dhaka as a part of a campaign of Berger Luxury Silk and surprised the lucky few wedding couples on their big day! Not to mention this is the first time something like this is happening in Bangladesh, said a press release.

Making the day most memorable for the couples, Jaya Ahsan, brand ambassador of Berger’s Luxury Silk, joined the celebration with the guests and took photos with them. Not only that, she handed over exclusive Berger Luxury Silk Gift Vouchers to the newlyweds so that they can decorate their new nest with a touch of splendour and grandeur.

Berger’s Luxury Silk offers the most premium, global-standard emulsion technology, combining supreme aesthetic appeal with the best functional properties like durability and ease of maintenance. Luxury Silk painted walls are anti-fungal and have an extremely smooth and pleasing sheen that enables the walls to function as canvases. Berger Luxury Silk creates the best wall album, where one can preserve their most preserved memories, for instance –  a touchdown on their wedding day, the most precious and significant memory for most people.

“Who doesn’t love weddings? I think Berger has shown super innovation with this campaign plan, where I gatecrashed weddings for the first time in my life! The campaign was filled with fun and excitement as I had the chance to meet the brides and grooms as they begin their next chapters in their lives,” said Jaya Ahsan.