Digital Health Solutions has launched a new service on Thursday to provide free online medical advice on COVID-19 by physicians in Bangladesh, said a press release of the organisation.

Many people find it difficult receiving healthcare services due to the lockdown and government restrictions on movement in the current pandemic situation in Bangladesh.

The new service, named ‘Doctor Chat’, is offered free of cost to anyone online, through a new ‘Corona Care’ website

The service will provide advice for symptoms of COVID-19, fever and flu and similar symptoms. It will help the people get accurate medical counselling while in the safety of their homes.


With the help of ‘Doctor Chat’, one can receive advice qualified physicians about COVID-19 or any health-related problem.

This service will be available every day from 8:00am till 10:00pm. Anyone can avail the service for two months through online registration.

The patient can update the same physician through online chat if symptoms change, or if symptoms spread to other family members, with all medical records.

Over 7,000 patients availed the service ‘Doctor Chat’, 30 per cent of which are from rural areas like Jashore, Pabna, Keraniganj, Shibchar, Natore, and Sirajganj, shortly after it was launched.

During the prevailing uncertain times, Digital Healthcare Solutions has also introduced a full ‘Corona Care’ service, through which people will receive health service digitally, to answer all kinds of questions regarding COVID-19 and provide adequate healthcare assistance.

‘Corona Care’ primarily provides 4 kinds of services, namely, ‘Doctor Chat’, ‘Doctor Video Call’, ‘Corona Insurance’ and ‘Corona Symptom Checker’.

All the services of ‘Corona Care’ can be availed by clicking on this link-


More than 250,000 people have checked their COVID-19 symptoms with the free DH service since it was introduced in mid-April.

If the ‘Corona Symptom Checker’ indicates positive, the users of this service are also suggested to contact the IEDCR hotline for testing. Average time spent on the checker was 3 minutes, 20 seconds which indicates users are spending time to understand the information.

Furthermore, till now, more than 60,000 people have registered for the free “Corona Insurance” service. “Corona Insurance” provides Tk 2,000 if COVID-19 test results comes out positive, leading to home isolation, Tk 5,000 upon hospitalisation due to COVID-19, and also provide Tk 20,000 in cash as life insurance cover. The first claims have already been settled and paid to patients.

In the last few weeks, more than 300,000 people are receiving healthcare advice and services from home by using the DH digital medical services.

Sajid Rahman, CEO of DH, commented, “It is important that people get prepared and protect themselves and their families from COVID-19. We are proud to announce our free “Doctor Chat” service, which will be available online to any citizen of Bangladesh.”

Shuvo Debnath Niloy, president of platform, stated, "It is great that DH has launched this service which is empowering the physicians to provide support from their home to thousands of patients availing free services.”

DH has partnered with the Platform of Medical and Dental Society, a non-profit NGO, for the free “Doctor Chat” service.

Digital Health (DH), previously known as Telenor Health, is a Grameen social business. It is offering digital healthcare services for the last four years and has a client base of over five million.