Banglalink responds to heatwave with free water and saline distribution

Banglalink, the nation's leading digital services provider, has initiated a three-day nationwide campaign to distribute free water and saline to marginalized communities amidst the ongoing heatwave.

Launched on Thursday, this campaign is aimed at addressing the pressing need for hydration in communities adversely impacted by the scorching temperatures.

With a distribution team exceeding 7,500 field forces (FFs) mobilized from Banglalink distribution houses, the initiative underscores the company's consistent commitment to prioritizing societal well-being during this unprecedented heatwave, where temperatures have surged to 43°C.

FFs are actively distributing water and saline to various segments of society in need, including daily wage earners, street vendors, and others in economically disadvantaged circumstances. Additionally, Banglalink is extending support to affected communities by providing water bottles to passersby in need, further exemplifying its dedication to mitigating the effects of the heatwave on affected communities.

Taimur Rahman, Chief Corporate and Regulatory Affairs Officer at Banglalink, said, “As one of the largest digital operators in the nation, we recognize our responsibility to the society we serve, especially in coming together to support those affected by the scorching heat resulting from the rising temperatures. As a humble gesture from Banglalink, our dedicated field team is working tirelessly to ensure that water and saline are accessible to as many people as possible, helping to mitigate the impact of the heatwave and protect our communities, reflecting our broader commitment to enhancing the welfare of the citizens of Bangladesh and thrive to make some impact on the lives of those enduring these extreme conditions.”

Banglalink continues its commitment to the development of sustainable communities, advocating for the upliftment of Bangladesh as a whole.